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Welcome to Phoenix Rescue System official website.
Rescue teams worldwide have certified the hovercraft as the only way to make rapid and effective action on swollen rivers, frozen lakes, swamps, mud, snow, etc. ...
Thanks to air cushion, vehicle is lifted about 30 cm. from the ground, keeping the crew "over the danger”, not "INSIDE", allowing access to areas off-limits to boats or even helicopters.
Phoenix Rescue Systems srl was founded in 2005 as hovercraft design and production center, combining the proven experience of various professionals in the field of design, automotive, marine and aerospace industries. With the invaluable help from experts in water rescue, Fire departments, emergency medical services.

The project

Phoenix is proud to present "ALFEO” (Alpheus), the latest available technology applied to hovercraft 100% made in Italy. 4 stroke engine, transport capacity of 5 / 6 passengers and equipped with rear telescopic deflectors (aerobrakes), to control the craft. "ALFEO” (Alpheus) is a specialist hovercraft for rescue missions and support activities of the Fire Brigade, Civil Defense and other institutional corps to act in tough environments, in which air cushion vehicles may express unique operational advantages.
From the primordial idea goes to the design of a machine with technical features ideal for professional use in the field of rescue, police and passenger transport. Basic premises were the capacity for rapid transportation on road trailer, robustness and reliability of the hull, engine power, adequate to meet the worst emergencies.


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New instrument set on all crafts version from jan 2012.
A new and more tecnologic instrument set has been installed on the class Alfeo hovercraft buoli from Jan 2012. The set includes:
RPM, with hourmeter, Water temp., Oil Pressure, Fuel level. Voltmeter,
Speedometer GPS with compass (SOG)

Oversea shipment by a Flat Rack container
The class Alfeo hovercraft with the road trailer are shipped using a 12' flat rack container

Training Program

May 08, 2013 Greece (Kriti)
Apr 10, 2013
Brasil (Porto Velho)
Feb 05, 2013 Africa (Tunisi)
Dec 15, 2012 Italy (Lodi)


Access to intranet area, reserved to official Phoenix network.

The Company

The company was established in the hinterland of Milan (Italy), with offices of 150 sqm and 200 sqm of warehouse / replacement parts. The production area for the fiberglass / carbon fiber extends over an area of 2500mq, while 500 square meters are dedicated to the engine area. The technical office is based in Venice, (Italy).
The strengths of the company are: Consolidated background, technological innovation patents filed, Excellent Technical Service, Unmatched industry knowledge, Technical joint with fire/EMS services.


The new one is +39 333 6455198

Il nuovo numero è +39 333 6455198

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